Is Identity V Coordinator worth buying? Coordinator gameplay analysis

Coordinator Price: 688 Echo or 3568 Clue

The Coordinator is one of the hottest characters in the game. An air force in team can greatly improve the error-tolerant rate, suggest purchase.

Mechanic skill analysis


[Never Miss] Carries around a flare gun ,increases stunned time by 30% when hited hunter

Coordinator has one chance to shoot hunter , and the gain buff makes it easier to rescue teammates.

[Steel Will] Persistence on rocket chairs is increased by 30%

Mercenary can hold longer time in rocket chair, increase the rate of rescue.

[Skilled] Vaulting speed is increased by 10%

For game masters, 10 percent is enough to change the situation


[Army Bond] The speed at which she decodes ciphers and opens exit gates is decreased by 60% when a teammate is placed on a rocket chair.

The position of the Coordinator is rescue teammates and winding around hunter , if have a teammate is placed on a rocket chair should go to saving teammates first.