Identity V what is Just Deserts?How to use just Deserts?

What is Just Deserts?

Just Deserts a stealth skill for hunters , is the last line of defense to protect the dignity of hunters. Prevent some survivors from using game vulnerabilities to influence the game experience of hunter players.

  1. Only used by the hunter in the game, Maintains static casting for 40 seconds , draws close survivors in range and incapacitates them.
  2. Cooldown time: 120 seconds. It will be interrupted if you moving or be controlled(such as fare gun, flashlight)
  3. This function is used to cope with survivors who malicious use of various bug and not leaving the scene.

How to used Just Deserts?

  1. Click on the top left corner of the game.

Identity V Just Deserts

2. Click [Just Deserts] in the interface.

Identity V Just Deserts

3. Waiting progress for 40 seconds