Identity V Thief Strategy and skill analysis

How to play Game identity v (第五人格) ? Thief Strategy analysis



Background Story

When the church wanted to open an orphanage on White Sand Street, Mr. Pierson generously handed over his business and land to the church. The compensation was significant, but for Mr. Pierson, not enough to build a new orphanage. Looks like he needs to make up the difference somehow… But perhaps he should find himself a nice partner first?

Skill introduction

Identity V Thief


Carries around a flashlight and can incapacitate hunter by shining light on them for a certain time. An ample power supply allows him to use flashlights 100 longer.


Flexible body. Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 15%


Old habits die hard. He often steals parts when decoding . All teammates chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 10%, and the scope of sucess decreased by 10%

[Lock Pick]

Talented lock pick. Thanks to him, all member’s chest opening speed is increased by 10%.