Identity V Jack The Ripper Strategy and skill analysis

Identity v Jack gameplay , tricks , skill analysis

professional killer

Weapons: Claw

Skill introduction

[Foggy Night]

Thick fog is the ripper’s best friend. Survivors that have stayed in an area for too long will attract fog . While in a fog covered area , jack’s attacks trigger. Additional Foggy Blades , and the cooldown of Hidden in Mist is reduced

[Hidden in Mist]

Cooldown : 17 second

The fog is the ripper’s best friend . Theu are one and the same . When not striking or vaulting , Jack can gradually enter. Hidden in Mist mode and become a dreaded ,invisible hunter.

[Hidden in Shadows]

Cooldown : 14 seconds

The dense fog evokes memories of the

Big Smoke . The Ripper can enter Hidden in Mist mode quickly and qain bonus movement speed


Jack is very good at chasing the enemy, opening second-order skills can stealth and get acceleration, can give the survivor a strong sense of oppression.  but it should be noted that do not to interact casually, such as climbing windows or breaking boards, which will lift your stealth and speed up