Identity V The Mind’s Eye skill analysis

How to play The Mind’s Eye in game identity v (第五人格) . identity V the mind’s eye skill analysis

Skill detail


Tap: Lightly tap the ground with a cane. Sensing the position of the hunter in a small area nearby by acoustic wave reflection; hitting: hit the ground with a cane firmly and rapidly expand the scope of sound transmission. The full picture senses the position of the supervisor and passes the hunter position information to teammates, while sensing the repaired transmitter and the teammates in the movement.

[Mind’s Eye]

Almost no trigger calibration when decoding ciphers, and the decoding speed increased 30%


Body is weak,  The speed of over the window and obstacle reduced 30%.

How to play the Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye have higher requirements on the player’s operation. Although the echo position can directly see the hunter’s position on the see-through wall, the decoding is very efficient and hardly triggers the QTE, but the Mind’s Eye weak point is also obvious, lacking escape ability. It is difficult to escape when the hunter found out. So, playing the Mind’s Eye is still based on decoding. Do not take the initiative to expose their own traces and learn to protect themselves.

How to play The Mind’s Eye

1. The Mind’s Eye is a special role. She can only use her cane and cannot use other items. She can only be rescued if she is injured.

2, The Mind’s Eye has decode buff, when beginning game to decode ciphers is a good choose ,If the heart beats immediately find a place to hide hunter, Her body is weak so the speed of turning over  the window and wood  is very slow, not suitable for circle round with hunter.

3.Having the perspective ability is the advantage of the mind’s Eye , In the game can be used as a reporting tool to inform teammates in time

4.It is very important for The Mind’s Eye to use the terrain. Use the long wall and door to avoid hunter instead over  the window and wood.

5.The Mind’s Eys is hard to play , the trick is to walk along the wall,Stay away from the hunter ,Decode if you can ,Don’t save people until you have to