Identity V Survivor ability ranking, Identity V Top Survior

  Which Survivor is most popular in game? Identity V Survivor ability ranking, Top Survivor in Identity V


Coordinator: Almost all high-end games have Coordinator . She has excellent rescue and self-protection ability

Thief: He has no debuff, vaulting speed increased 15% , talented lock pick

The mind’s eye:Provide hunter location, focus on fast decoding

Magician: Is a fun character, skills can be used to confuse hunter


Doctor: Strong rescue ability , can self-treatment after vaulting

Forward: Can saving people , can winding around the hunter

Mercenary: It is difficult for novices to get started, but it is undeniable that he is a very powerful character.


Lucky guy: His biggest advantage is he has no advantage.

Explorer: I do not know if you have blind, but most hunters do not blind. Getting smaller will only make you get caught faster

Mechanic: The decoding speed is really slow after the teammate is injured.


Gardenter: Removing the chair will slow down the progress of the game, Scope of success is only useful for beginners

Lawyer: Putting it on T4 looks very worthless for him. But in addition to seeing the map, he has no difference with other characters, and body is week.