Identity V Soul Weaver Strategy and skill analysis

Identity V Soul Weaver gameplay and skill analysis

Occupation: Actor

Weapons: Gossamer

Character introduction:

Valletta was once a well-known deformed show actor. After losing interest in the audience, he fell into a burlesque circus performing a funny show. She wants to stand on the stage again and once again become a big star.

With the help of a mechanic, Valletta fitted himself with flexible mechanical prostheses and some elaborate apparatus. She created a new show project – Humanoid Spider Show. The old club rejected her performance but Valletta was not discouraged. She accepted a show invitation and was preparing to hold her own comeback show at the Olytis House.

However, it is clear that for the sake of personal safety, any audience should not watch at close range.

Skill introduction

Cocoon Death: Soul Weaver can wrap up a survivor in a cocoon with 100 threads  , and eliminate them on the spot directly without rocket chairs. Any talent or trait affecting the eliminate time will work on this ability too.

Webbing: Webbing is a spider’s natural instinct. Tap the skill button to release a cobweb trap. The skill lasts until the cobweb runs out and can be manually canceled by tapping the button again. Soul Weaver will gain a brief acceleration that gradually slows when passing by a cobweb trap. Survivors stepping on the trap will obtain one layer of Entangled and alert Soul Weaver. — ‘ waiting is a virtue of hunters.’

Spinning: Spits out a ball of web that entangles its trarget in a layer of web. After a successful hit, the duration of the effects restarts and layers of web accumulate.Under three layers of web the target will practically become incapacitated.– ‘ I enjoy hunting!’

Web Attack: Thanks to an increase in cobweb reserves, you can now long-prees the skill button to spin a large, thick web . The speed of the web, as it is shot, is relatively slow but it instantly applies 3 layers of Entangled to the immobilized target. — ‘ Cobweb carnival! Happy holidays!’


Soulweaver’s gameplay mainly lies in the use of spider silk, It not only can it be used as a weapon for active attack,but can use as a auxiliary tool ,you can spin a net at the window or Cipher Machines. If the survivor touches, it will immediately slow down and expose his position.