Identity V Smiley Face Strategy and skill analysis

Idv Smiley Face gameplay skill analysis

Occupation: Clown

Weapons: Rocket Modification

Skill introduction

Rocket Dash : Clown hold the rocket forward sprint ,hit hte survivor along the way.

Caazed Dash :Incase the distance and speed of rocket sprint.

Rocket modification: Clowns can collect parts in the map .

1. Wings: Increase the speed of attack and rocket sprint speed.

2. Drills: Make survivor to be treated longer.

3. Propeller: Increase the effect of a long-lasting rocket sprint, increase the weight, and slightly reduce the sprint speed.

How to play Smiley Face

The clown’s gameplay is very simple, it is to look for the escape direction of the survivor and directly used the sprint, but it should be noted that when sprint  we can turn , and do not use in the terrain of many obstacles, it is better when the surrounding is relatively empty , instant acceleration sprint allows you to easily knock down the survivor.