Identity V Priestess skills analysis

Game identity v (第五人格) survivor priestess is a new character ,How to get and play priestess? Priest skills analysis

Price: 3568 clue or 688 echo

Skill item : Holy key

Skill detail

Holy key:The Priestess carries around the holy key. When Used, it will generate a portal to a selected area, but it cannot be used to open portals to contaminated areas. Entering the portals transports the survivor to the other side instantly. The hunter can destroy the passage ,and knock survivors out of the portal, stunning them.

Fragile: Physically weak. Obsacle vaulting speed is decreased by 20%

Spiritualist:Not good with machines. Decoding speed decreases by 15%. Chances of triggering a calibration and difficulty of performing a calibration both increase by 30%

Blessed: Prays devoutly for blessings. Time needed to healing teammates is decreased by 10% and time needed for the Priestess is decreased by 30%.