Identity V Pet introduction

What is the use of pet?How to equip pet in game identity V ?

Currently, the pet in the game does not have any attribute bonus to the character, and it is easy to block the line of sight.

Step to equip pet

  1. Tap on Self Examination Skin.

2. Select the pet option, you can choose which pet to equip.

Pet introduction

Blue Butterfly

Price: 158Echo or 588Fragment

A beautiful Blue Butterfly, grants spiritual comfort to survivors

Miss Nightingale

Price: 288Echo or 1088Fragment

Miss Nightingale…are you the same one from the Illusion Hall?


Price: 288Echo or 1088Fragment

A gadget that tracks your every move. Are you sure it’s not sent by hunters?

Silent Alarm Clock

Price: 158Echo or 588Fragment

Warning: it could ring at any time!


Price: 158Echo or 588Fragment

All sounds will be recorded. The record would probably be valuable if you could escape with it.