Identity V beginners guide newbie basic knowledge

Identity V novice guide, tips and tricks for beginners

Identity V newbie guide

  1. Identity V is an asymmetric horror mobile game. Players can choose the hunter or survival camp, a hunter against four survivors.
  2. Identity V has two maps, the Arms Factory and Sacred Heart Hospital.
  3. The hunter can knock down the survivors and tie them to the rocket chair to eliminate the target. Elimination of three or more survivors will be victory.
  4. The survivors deciphered five cipher machines, opened the escape gate, and ran out three people to win.
  5. The hunter’s moving speed is higher than the survivor, but obstacle vaulting speed slow than survivors.
  6. Survivor can hit the hunter with a pallet. Survivor can vaulting a pallet, but hunter need to destroy the pallet.
  7. Survivors mainly rely on the board in the map and the window to delay the time that the hunter catches up.
  8. Crow : The crows in the game are divided into two types. One is present in the map , if the hunter has add the [Raven Flock] talent ,when survivor alarms the crow, the crow will report the position of the survivor to the hunter.
  9. In the case of not far from the hunter, over the window will give the hunter a hint, so even if the hunter can’t see you, but he can know that you have turned the window.
  10. Lethal strikes : When survivor decoding ,saving teammates , obstacle vaulting, open box is hited by hunter will cause lethal strikes . Can incapacitate survivors with one shot.