Identity V New Character The Feaster (Hastur)

Identity V new hunter The Fester (Hastur) how to play, skill and talent suggestion.


When the sun sinks into the lake and the black stars rise, the Feaster in his yellow cloak will awaken. He is the unspeakable one who pursues curious souls.

Skill Introduction

[Shape of Terror]

Survivors will experience terror if they remain in the fear radius for too long, is attacked, bitten by a patroller, fails a calibration, when a teammate is knocked to the ground or when tied to a rocket chair. After absorbing their fear, Hastur can use Touch of the Abyss to strike nearby Survivors. Tentacles deteriorate quicker around rocket chairs with survivors on them.

[Nightmare Attack]

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Hastur can control nearby tentacles. Tap and hold the skill button to hit the nearest survivor with the tentacle.


Hastur call forth tentacles from the abyss. Tap and hold the skill button and select the location to release the tentacles. Tentacles deteriorate quicker around rocket chairs with survivors on them.

[Nightmare Gaze]

Hastur can control tentacles and command them to strike nearby survivors. Survivors touched by Hastur’s gaze will be attacked by tentacles for 20s. Cooldown for Nightmare Tripper is increased by an additional 10s when a survivor is touched by Hastur’s gaze.

The Feaster Gameplay

  1. Supplemental Skills recommended to choose patroller , it can strengthen the skill [Shape of terror] .
  2. You can put the tentacles around the window or obstacle.
  3. Nightmare Attack can be used to defend survivors come to save people. If the survivor does not dare to save , then we can eliminate one person. If they come , we can take him down.