Identity V New Character Survivor Perfumer

Identity V New character perfumer skill introduction

[Euphoria]: The Perfumer Sprays some Euphoria perfume and enters an immersed state. She is able to remenber Her condition and position at that very moment. While the skill is active she can shoose o forget what has just happened and return to the moment when she sprayed her perfume. As the maker of this perfume, she can use this item more than other survivors. Skill can be used 3 times

[Blackout]: The Perfumer often wears Euphoria. If she has a blackout and fails to calibrate a cipher machine, calibration progress will be reduced 3 times as normal characters.

[Special Physique]: The Perfumer is very scentsitive and doesn’t like the smell of medical equipment. Healing time is increased by 30%

How to play perfumer

  1. Saving people: Due to ‘Euphoria‘ can back to the status and location of the recorded time, we can used skill fisrt , then go to saving teammate. Don’t rush back after saving people, block an attack for teammates to get more escape time.
  2. Winding around hunter: In addition to saving people, the perfumer can winding around the hunter, especially the hunter who block the window.