Identity V Mercenary Strategy and skill analysis

Mercenary is a good character in game identity v . How to play Mercenary in dientity V? let’s see~

Occupation: Mercenary

Ability: Steel sprint

Background Story

Naib was once a Gurkha mercenary who worked for an East Indian company. Like most Gurkhas, he is neither tall nor physically strong. But Gurkha warriors stand for discipline and bravery. As a retired mercenary, Naib Subedar is used to making a living by killing. Can a dangerous game offer him the same experience as the battlefield?

Skill introduction

Identity V Mercenary

[Iron Dash]

Carries around elbow pads , which enables tim to gain a boost when he propels tinsel f off walls . Due to his athletic backaround , cooldown for this ability is decreased by 2s


Military trained . Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 10%

[Steel will]

Tempered through combat . Persistence on rocket chairs is increased by 30%

[Shell Shocked]

Scarred by the horrors of war , the mercenary panics when he hears the noises of cipher machines . Decoding speed is decreased by 25%6 . War has also left the mercenary with refractory wounds and every new wound agitates the old ones . Healing time is increased by 50%

How to play Mercenary

  1. Most of the players who play mercenary are interested in winding hunters. They have better operation, Skill points are more inclined to survive.
  2. The skills of mercenary are rather special and it is more difficult to operate. Close to an object will be ejected, quickly lock the direction within 1 second of the ejection, otherwise it is easy to get out of control
  3. When the hunter is close, you must not use this skill indiscriminately. you feels that you very powerful. But in fact, in the eyes of the hunter, you haven’t run out far, just a few steps away.
  4. Be sure to master the rhythm of the plank. It is best to get stuck behind the obstacles. Don’t see the board and pull it down. It’s easy to pull all of the board down and not hit the hunter. if you hited the hunter you can try to use skill to pull distance.
  5. If the hunter is close you , you better let him attack you first , otherwise ,it is easy to be hit by one knife.remember it, don’t panic.