Identity V Mechanic Strategy and skill analysis

identity v (第五人格)  Mechanic annlysis


Item :life-size doll

Background Story

Tracy is a mechanic. She had been wrapped up in her “useless” little inventions and obsessed with gunpowder experiments. These projects soon depleted her inheritance from her parents and put her deeply in debt. The invitation letter promised a golden prize, but what truly attracted Tracy were the secret gadgets in the manor…

Skill introduction


Carries around a nearly life-size doll, which will be destroyed upon taking damage. Love for the doll reduces depletion when using doll by 50%. The mechanic can control the deployed doll when incapacitated or when placed on a rocket chair, but at a higher depletion. Control will be interrupted if the Mechanic is rescued.


Weak in physical strength. Obstacle vaulting speed decreases by 30%.

[Machinery Master]

Proficient in machine manufacturing and various mechanical traps. Her decoding speed increases by 35%. Influenced by her, her teammates have also mastered some mechanical skills and their decoding speed increases by 8%.


Years of indoor work have exacerbated the mechanic’s timidity. The mechanic feels scared when a teammate is wounded or placed on a rocket chair so her speed of decoding and opening gates decrease by 45%. This effect can stack.

Skill Analysis

Mechanic are usually used to decode ciphers, they have a very fast decoding speed, and they can increase the decoding speed of the team. They are the main members of the decoding team.They has a doll remote control and can operate doll to save people in times of danger. This is a very comprehensive role. However, it should be noted that the speed over the board and window of Mechanic is slow, debuff Timid will be decided  with the level of teammates, and it will be difficult to play with novice teammates.

How to play

  1. When game starting ,we should find a Cipher Machine at once ,Mechanic has 35% speed up to decode ciphers
  2. When the first partner is caught, let teammates to save or use doll to cooperate with teammates, do not use body to rescue
  3. If unfortunately discovered by the hunter, don’t panic when you run away.Because the machinist body is weak, she can’t run the hunter .Look for opportunities to hide in the hunter’s vision blind area (run to the more wall place). If necessary, hide in the box, waiting for the fear heartbeat disappear.
  4. Mechanic can uses doll to treat themselves or teammates.

Doll can decode ciphers and open the door ,of course decode ciphers need to calibration so we not use it to decode ciphers ,but we can use it to open the escape door(open door no calibration required)