Identity V Lucky Guy Strategy Character Skill analysis

Identity V is a good  strategy game ,How to play Lucky Dog in game? Lucky Dog gameplay analysis

Occupation: Unknown

Item: None

Identity V Lucky guy

Background Story

His world is like a slot machine that he always wins at. But who knows what will happen when he stops playing.

Character introduction:

This terrible game does not know how many people swallowed, he is one of them. What really crushed him is fear.

Skill introduction

[Lucky Guy]: A man who has absolutely nothing must rely on luck to survive.

[Veterans]: When attacked, old-timers who have played before are more vigilant than novices and gain a 2s longer movement speed increase.

How to play

Lucky Dog has no initial items and skills. It is generally used by master players. It is recommended to quickly find a box to find a life-saving item after starting the game.