Identity V Lawyer Strategy and skill analysis

How to play  lawyer in game identity V ? Identity V lawyer skill analysis 

Occupation: Lawyer

Item: Map

Background Story

Since a botched lawsuit, Freddy has been toiling away at a menial job with an pathetic wage. But he hopes to find a way to escape his past and live the life he has never had: he dreams of receiving a huge bonus, or an opportunity to become a partner in a law firm. Of course, first he needs to find the culprit who ruined his perfect life.

Skill introduction

Identity V Lawyer


Carries around a map that can be used to check the location of large buildi unaecoaea cypher machlnes and escape exits . The map display his and his teammate’s location and will display the hunter’s location when their outline appears it’s a hand drawn map , so it’s from perfect . Due to his good reading habits , maps are not depleted when used.


The lawyer has a silver tongue and convinces his teammates that they will ultimately be rescued by him. Thanks to him, his teammates persistence on rocket chairs is increased by 5%. Also, survivors within 8 meters of  him will be inspired and their decoding , healing and destroying speed is increased by 10%.


Lawyer have a better family background ,not good at over the wood and windows ,speed down 15%


Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.