Identity V Items

Items in game Effect Extra Effect



Item Effect:After use, it can display the position of a Cipher Machines within a certain range Lawyer Equipped Extra Gain : Lawyer use of the map does not consume



After using Rugby ball, you can hold the ball forward to accelerate the sprint, and after exhaustion, you will get into vertigo for some time. Frontline Equipped Extra Gain : Frontline use rugby Reduce stun time 100%

Steel elbow pads

elbow pads

Carrying a steel elbow pads and approaching the wall will get a sprint acceleration in one direction Mercenary Equipped Extra Gain: Mercenary Uses Steel Elbow Pads to Reduce Cooldown by 2 Seconds

travel notes

travel notes

After use, the body will be greatly reduced, but most of the interaction cannot be performed Explorer Equipped Extra Gain: Explorer Don’t Consume When Using Travel Notes

Toy Bot Diaries

remote control

After use, you can control a life-size doll to perform exactly the same interaction with the main characters (such as using a Cipher Machines, treating teammates, etc.), but it will be damaged after suffering minimal damage.


Mechanic Equipped Extra Gain: The Mechanic uses a life-size doll to reduce the consumption of 50%

Magic Stick


Create illusions in place and hide yourself for seconds after use Magician Equipped Extra Gain: Huckster moves 30% faster when hidden



Use Rocket Chairs in the Scene to Destroy It Gardener Equipped Extra Gain: Gardener does not consume when using toolbox



Use and continuous exposure to the face of the Hunter for a period of time will cause him to lose his mobility within a short period of time Thief Equipped Extra Gain: Thief can use flashlights to increase the time by 100%

therapeutic tool


Treat yourself in a state of injury
Doctor Equipped Extra Gain: doctors will not consume when they are using herapeutic tool

signal gun

flare gun

 Use to hitting hunter to make it stun Coordinator Equipped Extra Gain: Increased stun time by 30%


Use: to calm down

A syringe filled with a tranquilizer, injecting itself in a timely and reasonable manner can effectively calm emotions


Use: Fire source

This kind of match will move phosphorus to the side of the match box. It will only catch fire when the match head rubs the phosphors, carefully keeping the box away from moisture.



Use: Call a companion

A metal whistle that blows very loudly with a single blow, usually used to call a companion


Use: Get information

A hand-held electromagnet telephone with a small DC engine, but this model does not have a dial pad. Any active call requires the consent of the switchboard operator.


Use: Restricted role actions

Metal handcuffs are difficult to open without a key, except for skilled craftsmen.



Use: Container

A metal jug, usually used to carry whisky, but it seems to contain other non-drinkable liquids with a pungent smell

kerosene lamp

kerosene lamp

Use: Lighting

The lamp holder and windproof shell of this hand-held kerosene lamp are made of brass and glass. The lamp holder is provided with a cavity for storing oil. After a sufficient amount of kerosene is added to the oil storage chamber, the match lamp can be used to ignite the wick lighting.