Identity V Hunter Trait Selection Supplemental Skill Strategy

How to choose supplemental skill for hunter in game identity V ? The strtegy of hunter assisted skill.

Identity V Hunter Trait

Supplemental Skill Analysis

[Listen] When listening the hunter can detect survivors when the run or vault objects.

For beginners [Listen] is a very friendly skill, used it can easier to find a survivor. It’s worth noting that skill [Listen] can restrain Explorer ,when the hunter used skill [Listen] ,they can see the explorer’s tiny status.

[Abnormal] Can be used around undecoded cipher machines or dismantled rocket chairs to recover 50% of a cipher machine’s progress or a rocket chair’s function.

Suggest to use this skill when there are several gardeners in the match.

[Excitement] Removes current control effects and becomes immune to control effects for the next 5 seconds.

Suggest to use this skill when have several Coordinator in the match.

[Patroller] Control a speedy mini-patroller to seek out and restrain a nearby survivor. The outline of the survivor will be displayed for 20 Seconds and the survivor will hindered every 5 seconds.

Patroller can’t vault obstacle , but survivors can use vaulting obstacle to avoid being bitten .

[Teleport] Long-press to select a target, then teleport to the target area instantly after a brief chant. You can selsct: undecoded cipher machines, rocket chairs, Hell Ember puppets, and exit gates.

Suggest Hell Ember use this skill , cooperate with puppets and talent [Detention] you can easier to catch survivors.

[Peeper] Place a peeper that lasts for 60 seconds when you stand and unobstructed survivors nearby will be displayed. The peeper can be dismantled.

you can place 3 peepers to make it easier for you to find a survivor, suitable for cope with the decoding team.

[Blink] Creating panic and fear requires but a flash. Tap to blink in the direction the camera is facing. Drag to blink in a different direction

Used this skill you can more easy to catch survivor.