Identity V Hunter Talent Strategy & Guide

How to add Identity V Hunter Talent? HunterTalent Introduction ,Hunter Talent Strategy ,Gameplay Hunter Talent.

Identity V can gain  talent  point by character level up, character level max is 100 ,so we can gain 100 talent point.It takes 5 points to add talent skills each time.

Owl: Reduces the survivor’s Scope of a successful calibration within the fear radius by 30% when they are decoing, healing, and destroying.

Announcement: Surviovrs are highlighted for seconds when the exit gate is activated.

Wicked Hound: Prolongs survivor’s footprints for 1/1.5/2 seconds.

Impact: Healing time for survivors who are hiht is increased by 10%/15%20% .

Raven Flock: When a survivor is within 16/24/32 meters and alerts a crow, the crow will guide you to the precise location of the survivor.

Hospitatble: Movement speed is increased by 5%/10%/15% when balloons are tied to survivors.

Wanted Order: When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair and the remaining 3 survivors are healthy or incapacitated, the outline of a random survivor is shown for a short period of time. the outline will last for 25 seconds after the survivor on the rocket chair has been saved.

Lurk: The ouotline of the cipher machine is highlighted when within 24 meters of a cipher machine being decoded.


Inertia: Increase attack recovery speed by 10%

Eye for an Eye: Survivors that hit the hunter with a pallet are highlighted for 6 seconds.

Control Freak: Speeds up rocket chair’s countdown by 3%/6%/9%.

Giant Claw: The struggling effect by survivors tied to balloons is reduced by 25%/50%/75/ and struggling speed by 5%/10%/15%.

Mock: Movement speed is increased by 3%/4%/5% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

Carnival: Gains 5%/7%/10% attack recovery speed and 4%/6%/8% movement speed when the exit gate is activated. The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

Detention: Lethal strikes are activated when the exit gate is powered on. Can incapacitate survivors with one shot.The effect lasts for 120 seconds.

Hindsight: After 2 rocket chairs are destroyed, attack recovery speed is increased by 6% for every extra rocket chair destroyed. This effect can be multiplied to a max of 5.


Deer hunt:Displays incapacitated survivors within 18 meters.

Tinnitus: Receive a prompt when a survivor is within 36 meters.

Hunt: Gains 10% movement speed after continuously pursuing a survivor for 15/12/10 seconds. The bonus effect disappears when the pursuit fails, vaulting obstacles, attacking, or when stunned.

Street Sweeper: Displays survivors who are healing and being healed within 20/24/28 meters.

Possessive: Reduces the speed at which survivors decode, heal, and destroy within the fear radius by 3%/5%/7%.

After Effects: Reduces the self-healing limit of incapacitated survivors by 10%/20%/30%.

Insolence: Hunters can increase Their in-game presence to unlock their special abilities.Presence stops increasing after skill are unlocked.

Fetish: Reduces the speed at which survivors dismantle rocket chairs by 10%/20%/30%


Deteriorate: Reduces wounded survivor’s decoding, healing, and destroying speed by 5%.

Panic: When a survivor is wounded, incapacitated, or placed on a rocket chair,decoding, healing and destroying speed for all survivors is reduced by 3%.This effect can multiply.

Rage: The iron-blood trait increases the hunter’s rate of revovery by 10%/15%/20% when stunned or a survivor struggles free.

Berserker: Attack recovry speed is increased by 15%/20%/25% when a survivor is placed on a rocket chair.

Fallen Misfortune: When a survivor is placed on a rocket chair and the hunter is 18 meters away, the hunter gains a 10%/15%/20% chance of causing Fallen Misfortune and x2 fear when attacking.

Destructiveness: Pallet destroying speed is increased by 20%/30%/40%.

Confined Space: When vaulting windows, the hunter can block the window for 20 seconds, preventing both survivors and the hunter from vaulting the window.

Restraint: Reduces the fear radius by 15%