Identity V Magician Strategy and skill analysis

Tactics to play idv Magician

Occupation: Magician

Item: Magic Wand

Background Story

Servais Le Roy began his magic career in Belgium and moved to London to open his own magic shop. Despite his proficiency in disappearing tricks, he has not gained approval from the public. In Oletus Manor, which has produced countless famous artists, could he find some new inspiration?

Skill introduces 


Carries around a wand that can be used to create an illusion . When used he will ecome invisible for several seconds . If the magician is struck when invisible , he will be Terror Shocked . Due to the maqician’s professional skills , his movement speed is increased by 30% when invisible.


Has extreme dexterous hands . The chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 20% , and the scope success is increased by 20%

Real or Fake

The magician’s deceptive performances leads his teammates to question the identity of the man on the chair . Rescue time is increased by 100% when rescuing agician from a rocket chair.

Stratety to play Magician

  1. Magician has buff for decode ciphers , if teammates are not caught, focus on decoding.
  2. If there is a heartbeat, you can find a place where there are planks on the wall or a corner of the grass in the corner. The hunter may not see you from walking in front of you.
  3. Magician will have a hidden time after splitting, but don’t relax. Some hunter will look at your footprints, continue run to the place have the windows, then hide.
  4. Don’t use skills immediately when you encounter a hunter. Skills can be used to confuse hunter after you pull the board or jump through window.