Identity V Gardener Strategy and skill analysis

How to play Game identity v (第五人格) ? Gardener Strategy analysis

Occupation: Gardener

Item: Toolkit

Background Story

Having found “the one,” Emma can finally focus on perfecting her gardening skills. Maybe dear Mr. Scarecrow still needs some new duds. Replace the rotten straw, throw on a new hat. Of course, appearance isn’t the only thing she cares about. But, hey, what’s wrong with dressing up your dream lover? As long as you have the money.

Skill introduction


Carries around a toolkit that is used destroy rocket chairs . The more actiue rocket chair remain , the faster her destroying speed is Due to her basic repair skills , toolkits are not depleted when used.

[Machinery Expert]

Possesses certain repair skills . When a callbration is triggered , the scope success is increased by 50% , and the chance of triggering one is decreased by 50% . Thanks to her , all teammates scope of success is increased by 5% , and chance of triggering a calibration is decreased by 5 %

[Confidence]:Due to her familiarity with the structure of rocket chairs , she is less scared and her persistence on a rocket chair is increased by 10%


Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.

Skill Analysis

The gardener has maintenance technology , for new players gardener is a good choice , couse she can reduces the error when decode ciphers. she carry the toolbox that can destroy the execution chair. or she can find a box to get other item to save themselves . She is more easy to use than a lucky dog

How to play

  1. The gardener’s own tool box is not very well ,If we meet a box suggest change other life-saving item, Such as THERAPEUTIC TOOL ,RUGBY…  couse destroy the execution chair will waste many time ,we can use this time to decode ciphers.
  2. Gardener mainly work is decode ciphers, If other teammates was caughted by hunter, the gardener will not choose to save people. Of course, if you full blood and you have treatment items, you can try it.
  3. Gardeners usually no error in decoding process.Unless you make a mistake, because the calibration range is really big