Identity V Gamekeeper Strategy and skill analysis

identity V Game keeper play tips and skill analysis

Occupation: Caretaker

Weapons: Chain Hook

Skill introduction

As a hunter, Gamekeeper’s signature skills are “chain claws.” After triggering, he will shake the claws in his hand, pull the survival person in the hook to himself, and if the chain hits the wall, he will pull himself to the wall, If you do this, it’s easier to aim. With the “listening” skills, some minor movements of the living people during running and interacting will also be noticed. So Ban has strong remote control capabilities. Once hooked, the survivors are basically equivalent to being spiked.

How to play Gamekeeper

Whether the “claw” skill is effective depends on “cannot hook people”. This actually puts higher requirements on the player’s operation. The effective distance of the Gamekeeper chain claw is not very long, so it needs to be pre-advanced. Sentence, otherwise completely rushed empty. So before testing, Gamekeeper is a favorite hunter for master players. Of course, considering that the hook can ignore the wooden block and hook the powerful effect, novice players can also try.