Identity V Forward Strategy and skill analysis

Tips,Skill analysis  for play idv Forward , Hope it can help you.

Occupation: Forward

Item: Rush

Background Story

Rugby football is attracting attention, but William Ellis, who claims to be the founder of this new sport, is being forgotten. He joined a small rugby club, but not everything went his way. Can the owner of Oletus Manor help him?

Skill introduction


Carries around a football . He can use the football to dash forward , but will be stunned when exhausted . The quarterback’s superior physique allows him to knock the hunter off balance after dashing for a short distance . If the hunter is knocked into other objects , they will be stunned for a longer period of time.


Athletically gifted and monstrous strong Obstacle vaulting speed is increased by 5% , and pallet pulling speed is uncreased by 50% . The recovery time oj hunters stunned by the quarterback is increased bu 15%

[All Thumbs]

Clumsu and terrible with machines. Decodina speed is decreased by 30%


His strong physique makes it easier for him to escape the hunter’s clutches.Struggling speed is increased by 10%.

How to play Forward

  1. The stun effect is more obvious after used skill rugby ,If long-distance sprint is okay, but it is easy to be caught by hunter when you sprint short-distance
  2. Forward don’t have the skill to ruduce item consume , so the rugby cannot be used frequently.
  3. Sports talent can increase the time the board haunts the hunter. It’s easy to escape the hunt with the talented giant force. Therefore, when the Quarterback passes the board, he cann’t be anxious.
  4. If you like to play Quarterback ,you can with the gardener, when the chairs is almost demolition, strong struggle will make you easily escape from the hunter’s hand.