Identity V Female Dancer

Identity V new survivor Female Dancer will be coming . Is the Dancer worth buying? Female Dancer talent suggestion.


Since she and her estranged husband divorced, Margaretha, without a stable soure of income, has developed a new understanding of ‘freedom’. How could she pass up an opportunity to become a millionaire?

Skill introduction

[Duet] She possesses a music box that plays two different pieces of music. The speed of actions and interactions(including movement, pallet and window interaction,decoding, rocket chair countdown, attacking, etc) performed by survivors and hunters within hearing range depending on the music played – but the change in speed varies. The effect is redued in areas where same music overlaps. Holding down the skill button will increase the volume and expand the area covered, as well as granting high-altitude vision.

[Dancer] The Dancer has an ear for duets and won’t be effected by slowing music.

[Acrobatics] The Dancer, born in the circus, is skilled and graceful. When she falls from a height, she gains 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds. Has a 40 second cooddown.

[Dread] The Dancer’s timidity reders her unable to concentrate, reducing her decoding speed by 10% . She becomes afraid when a teammate is eliminated, making her interactions with pattets and windows 15% slower(Can stack 3 times).

Female Dancer Talent Suggestion