Identity V Seer New Survivor Introduction

Identity V new survivor seer is viable on Chinese version

Skill introduction

[owl] The Seer is accompanied by his trusted owl. When the match begins, The owl will patrol the map and mark the position of all teammates. When the owl returns, the Seer can order his owl to follow a teammate’s scent, find them and grant vision of them. The owl can be ordered to block damage ofr a period of time at critical moments. If the Seer or his owl continues to observe the hunter while it commits atrocities, he will gain additional block attempts.

[prophecy] The Seer’s potent ability to anticipate the future enables him to see the hunter’s position for 5 seconds after spotting them.

[Great eye]The Seer can see the hunter’s position for 5 seconds when the match begins.

[Taxing] Whenever the Seer’s owl blocks damage for himself or a teammate, the speed at which the seer vaults obstacles is decresed by 10%