Identity V Cowboy New Character Introduction

Identity V new survivor Cowboy the most romantic man. Cowboy strategy guide and skill introduction.

Identity V Cowboy

Skill introduction

[Lasso skill] Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy’s lasso. Hitting a teammate will drag them towards you and bind them to your back; whereas hitting a hunter will drag you towars them. The Cowboy can lasso balloons or a survivor onthe rocket chair to rescue them, which expends a large amount of durability, but hitting anything else only subtracts a small amount.

[Hero] The hero on horseback is both brave and tough. when he hits a hunter with a pallet, it is stunned for 20% longer than normal.

[Wild] As he is free, undisciplined and dislikes complex machines he decodes 10% slower than other survivors; however, when he decodes together with a female character, his urge to impress garners him 10% increased decoding speed. He feels exeptionally exhausted while decoding with males and decodes 30% slower.

[Protective] If hit by the Hunter while carrying a famele, his strong pratective instincts will kick in and the cowboy will take damage twice(the teammate won’t take damage). If carryig a male, both survivors will take damage once.

Cowboy Talent Suggestion

  1. Universal

   2. Save people