Identity V Coordinator Strategy and skill analysis

Coordinator is a good role in game identity v . How to play coordinator in dientity V? let’s see~

Occupation: Air Force

Weapons: flare Gun

Background Story

Martha was good at riding and shooting when she was young and attained the rank of captain after joining the cavalry. Not content to just gallop on horseback, Martha learned basic piloting skills and fell in love with flying. She quit her position in the cavalry and joined the Air Force. However, instead of becoming a pilot, as she had wished, Martha was required to perform signal guide work on the ground. To fly her own plane, she has to find a reliable “sponsor”.

Skill introduction

[Never Miss]

Carries around a flare gun and possesses advanced marks manship. The duration that the hunter is stunned for when hit increases by 30%

[Steel Will]

Hardened by military training. Persistence on rocket chairs is increased by 30%

[Army Bond]

Appreciates camaraderie. The speed at which she decodes ciphers and opens exit gates is decreased by 60% when a teammate is placed on a rocket chair.


Military trained. Vaulting speed is increased by 10%

How to play Coordinator

1, Coordinator skill is very suitable to save people, once the teammates were arrested,we should give priority to saving people

2,The key to playing Coordinator is to use flare gun, do not blindly open the gun, do not shoot in places with many obstacles.

3. It is better to have a Coordinator inside the team,she can save people ,and she have the good body to over de windows or wood