Identity V Coordinator talent point adding tactics

Identity V survivor intrinsic persona web ,Coordinator talent point adding guide.

Coordinator add talent point

The position of the Coordinator is to save teammates and winding around the hunter. So in terms of talent, we recommend the talent direction on the left and below.

[Broken Windows]: Dash speed is increased by 50% for 3 Seconds after vauting a window.

Broken Windows can improve the escape ability after rescue teammates, coupled with the Coordinator itself vaulting speed buff can greatly improve the escape rate.

[Tide Turner]: After saving a survior from a rocket chair  both you and the survivor will be invincible for 20 seconds.

Coordinator carries around a flare gun ,when hited the hunter can make it stunned a few seconds , Coupled with the Tide Turner can improve the rescue success rate.

[Great Power]: Your mighty strength decreases the stunned hunter’s recovery by 10%/15%/20% when you hit the hunter with a pallet.

It’s necessary if you like winding around hunter