Identity V Strategy Guide , Tips and Tricks

About Identity V

Identity V (第五人格) is an asymmetrical horror mobile game(1 vs 4) developed by NetEase for IOS and Andorid.

Player can be a Hunter or a Survivor . Hunters have a powerful "search, chase" ability , stop and catch at least three people to win in game. Survivors are weak, but they have advantages in Numbers and resources, escaped three people win the game (Two people escape to be a draw )


Currently exposed survivors include Gardener, Doctor, Thief, Lawyer, Lucky guy, Froward, The Mind's Eye, Coordinator, Mechanic, Mercenary, Magician, Explorer, Priest


Currently exposed Hunter include Hell Ember , Smiley Face , The Ripper , GameKeeper, Soul Weaver, Geisha

Floor Plan For Maps